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Dysphagia Care, Instant Food Thickener

Food Thickener for Swallowing Problems & Dysphagia – Thick-It®
Introduced in 1987, Thick-It® food thickener .
As a food thickener  Thick-It® and Extra Strength Thick-It 2® are ideal for home use or for travel:
Thick-It food thickener products

Easy to mix, our food thickeners dissolve instantly, allowing for nectar-like, honey-like or pudding-like consistencies, for beverages and pureed foods like vegetables and meat
Does not alter food appearance or taste
Comes in convenient and easy-to-store 8 oz. & 30 oz. cans with resealable lids and portion control packets
Helps decrease the risk of aspiration
Provides peace of mind making meals a more enjoyable experience